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  • Family photography sessions take place at your home or at an outdoor location where your family will feel comfortable, at ease, and connected. I guide families through the session so that our time together is relaxing and fun. During newborn photography sessions, we take as many breaks for nursing/feeding, diapering, soothing as needed.

    I never ask children to smile or look at the camera. Instead we play. A lot. I watch your family together. Reading books, taking a bath, snuggling in bed. . . I click. . . This is what love looks like to me . . . Walking the dog, playing cards, swinging in the hammock, playing frisbee. . . I click. . . This is what love looks like to me. Capturing it for you? This is what love looks like to me <3 All photography sessions are casual and unhurried and last as long as needed in order to provide you with a variety of candid images. Please set aside about 2 hours for your family session or 2-3 hours for your newborn session. For newborn photography sessions, please contact me at least four to six weeks before your expected birth date so that I can plan to have adequate openings in the two weeks around your due date.

    Located in Chapel Hill and Durham, NC. Available for travel.

The lighting this evening reminded me of this day on the trail a few weeks ago. Especially golden light and bare tree branches absolutely shining against charcoal gray clouds. I took some editing liberties with the last photograph. I like the feel of mystery it creates, which was very much what I was feeling in that moment ~ the mystery of our planet and amazement at the beauty of our world.
Wishing all at least a few moments in the wild this week~


Mary Beth had a clear vision for her photographs. . . Her family in the Skylark, the convertible that she and Ed had dated in. I’m not sure she had planned on including all the pups, but those moments of chaos were some of my favorites in an already super fun afternoon ;p


A series on the art of letting go. . .

But eek! So many images to catch up on! I’ll try to space them out so all my subscribers don’t get a million emails. For starters: