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Loved working with Neat Freak on images for their new website. We wanted images that showcase their work and use colors that complement their new website. Mission accomplished! Check their website out at:

I’m super excited to be adding commercial photography to my offerings. If you are a business owner, an artist, an interior designer et al and are interested in showcasing your work, gimme a shout!!

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contemporary commercial photographer

Durham contemporary commercial photographer

Chapel Hill contemporary commercial photography

Chapel Hill commercial photography

Durham commercial photrography

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Happy Summer to all! We spent the solstice evening at Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute. Surrounded by beautiful hearts. Wonderful, sun-themed foods. Drums beating. Children playing. And one amazing wicker man. So much love in the making of that straw effigy. We wrote down things we wanted to let go of and pinned it to the wicker man . . . the sun king. He was then processed out to the middle of the lake and ceremoniously burned with all of the things we wanted to let go of in our life. And we then celebrated the beginning of summer. Wow. Incredible stuff.

So Happy Summer my friends. May you enjoy the light ~

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So powerful. . . I will say though that even though he was filled with things we wanted to let go of, he was so dang beautiful it was kinda hard to see him burn, while at the same time exhilarating. . .

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Got your attention?  Hope so – because if you’re at all interested in decorative painting you need to check out the work of Michelle and Davide Aguiar of CAN Decorative Painting and Design.  Michelle and Davide moved to Chapel Hill seven years ago from Toronta, Canada.  Their stuff is amaaaazing!!!  You can catch a glimpse here: Michelle and Davide hired me to take a photograph of them for their website and it’s been truly great getting to know them.

On another note,  I’ve been busily working on some changes to Kathleen Hunter Photography – so stay tuned!!!   And stay warm :o)  Kathleen

Meet Michelle and Davide:


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